Training and Education

ASPIA acknowledges the importance of recognised, quality training in the financial services sector. Although members may already provide extensive training through their own internal programs, ASPIA has identified the need for a standardised offering, which can also be officially recognised at a national level. Once finalised, the ASPIA training program will provide the following benefits:

  • A standardised level of training for employees of all ASPIA members
  • Two tiers of training initially available to individuals, resulting in the award of the Financial Services Certificate III and IV respectively
  • National accreditation and recognition of the program
  • Participants will receive valuable materials for post-training reference
  • Improved confidence in the industry
  • An affordable training solution for member organisations

The development of the program is continuing in 2015 through the combined work of ASPIA's Training Program Sub-committee and external training experts. Updates will be posted on this website.