ASPIA understands the importance of compliance in the Salary Packaging industry, and in the financial services sector in general. ASPIA takes a lead role in helping its members remain compliant by:

  • Providing up-to-date information by way of email updates and newsletters
  • Liaising with external taxation experts to supply information and opinion
  • Conducting information sessions at the quarterly member forums
  • Engaging with the Australian Taxation Office and other government organisations
  • Arranging attendance of representatives from the ATO and other bodies to attend member forums and answer questions on a range of topics

ASPIA has appointed The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) as an independent provider of administration, secretarial and advisory services. Ai Group's independence and expertise provides ASPIA with access to valuable compliance-related information and advice.

An Ai Group representative is present at all board meetings and member forums, thereby ensuring proceedings are conducted in a manner which complies with national guidelines and regulations.



Policy and Engagement