Membership Information


Membership is governed by the ASPIA Constitution. All ASPIA members are obliged to abide by the Code of Conduct once joining. 

There are two levels of Membership;

1. Full Membership

To apply for and be eligible for full membership, your Company must be a Salary Packaging or Novated Lease administrator. 

ASPIA Membership provides you with the following benefits;

  • Access to invaluable information and networks available only to Members
  • Information briefings that affects the Industry, to keep up to date with policy and legislative changes that can directly or indirectly affect your business
  • Access to specialist expertise through our external advisors, including accounting and taxation advice; legal advice
  • Engagement with state and federal government bodies
  • Each full member has the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting and at any other time throughout the year where a   vote is required
  • A full member can sit as a Board member and can participate in sub-committees
  • Input to the development of policy and responses to proposed legislative or regulatory changes
  • Input to the development of standards, codes and best practice guidelines to drive a strong industry
  • Access to strong advocacy on behalf of the industry, ensuring we are heard by regulators and government on the issues that matter
  • Representation and engagement with the media on industry issues
  • The opportunity to participate in campaigns run by the association
  • Opportunity to attend member only events including the quarterly forums and Annual Conference
  • Use of the ASPIA logo on your marketing materials
  • Raise your profile and demonstrate your support of the Industry, by displaying your logo on the Members page of the ASPIA website; with a link to your website

2. Associate Membership

An Associate Member is an organisation that has a bona fide interest in the Salary Packaging and Novated Lease Industry or provides products and services to the industry.

Associate Membership does not provide you with or allow you to;

  1. Vote 
  2. Sit as or participate as an ASPIA Board Member

Associate Members would be eligible to attend all Member meetings, to have input on policy matters, to join and participate in sub-committees and to receive all of the briefings that full members receive.

ASPIA Membership provides you with all other benefits as a Full Member as well as;

  1. First right of refusal on sponsorship opportunities
  2. Opportunity to host a meeting at your premises
  3. Opportunity to run a 'better business' session, so you can demonstrate how your product or services would benefit members




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